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Let's be honest, it is no secret men and women are different.  The opposite sex can not only be a little intimidating, but also a little frustrating, and not very understanding.  While all of our instructors are highly qualified, experienced, and professional, we understand the importance of a comfortable learning environment; so we now offer all classes and lessons in ladies only, taught by a fellow female.

The Importance of Knowledge and Skills for Self defense

When it comes to handling a fire arm women may encounter different issues from most men - from choosing a caliber, choosing a pistol, choosing a holster, the physicality of both handling and knowledge, and addressing different situations and possible encounters.  Sometimes it just helps to have a fellow female to relate to.  In Ladies only classes and lessons we will address in more depth self defense and safety issues many women encounter and how to handle scary situations.  Knowledge truly is power.    

Official NRA course coming soon!

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