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Any and all of our classes and testing are available in a one - on - one basis in private lessons. Learn on your own schedule, at your own pace from our expert instructors. You may feel more comfortable in an environment where you are the sole focus of teachings and attention, which is perfectly understandable when it comes to dealing with fire arms, no matter your experience level.  Our goals is to be sure you are as comfortable as possible to be in YOUR Best learning environment.  Male and female instructors available.  We can work with any budget.  We want our private lessons to be affordable for anyone who needs the extra attention.  

Lessons range from $25 -$250 depending on time, material/lessons covered and services.     

Intro to Handgun

Learning firearms 101. 

NRA Basics of Pistol
Official NRA course - basics of pistol.


License to Carry

State Mandated.  4-6 hours of TX handgun law instruction.

Proficiency Exam

Range instruction and exam for those who have completed their classroom portion online. 

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